Learn how to make stress work for you and experience the joy of coaching done differently

Hi, I’m Lauretta

At 25, I felt trapped. The same patterns kept repeating but I lacked the awareness to help myself to break the cycle. In a bid to equip myself with the knowledge required to bring about change, I started a coaching diploma. The journey of discovery I underwent gave me the self-belief and bravery to then complete a degree in Psychology and Counselling and a Masters in Occupational Psychology. 

Through this process, I came to understand that the negative attitudes I held towards myself all stemmed from my childhood and external factors over which I had no control. Understanding why and how these situations had impacted me gave me the knowledge to change the way I viewed myself and move forward with my life.

I became disillusioned by the fact that, generally, people have to be experiencing severe dysfunction or to have undergone trauma of some kind before this knowledge of why and how certain things impact us is made available to them. I am a firm believer in sharing what I have learnt through my experience and training to equip others to understand why their lives are a certain way and enable them to move forward.