In this course you will discover what worry is and how it can impact on your daily life.

I'll then share tools and approaches to help you unravel your worry and stop it having a detrimental effect.

Join with a curious mind and you will leave with simple yet powerful strategies to implement in your regular routine.

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Hi, I’m Lauretta

I am a Coaching Psychologist specialising in personal development and stress management. I hold a BSc in Psychology and Counselling from Roehampton University and an MSc in Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck University in London. I am a qualified bereavement counsellor and an accredited psychometric and personality practitioner.

I am currently undertaking a Doctorate of Profession Studies in Coaching at Middlesex University. Within this, I am researching the ‘Grey Space’ where the boundaries between therapy and coaching blur, and work with other coaches to support them to successfully navigate this space with their own clients.


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